About Us

The history of those who make up Swissinvest

We are a Swiss capital management company specialized in integrated asset management for wealthy individuals and families.We have more than 25 years’ experience in capital markets, operating with the main objective of protecting, structuring, and managing the assets of international clients. Our Head Company, Aquila & Co. AG, is regulated and supervised by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA www.finma.ch). Owing to our independent structure, clients can get access to an asset management service which is diversified in both its institutional structure (custodian banks) and investment portfolio (access to all world stock exchanges and the whole universe of financial instruments).  We follow the Swiss tradition, where the financial industry generates 6.7% of the GDP, at a value close to 37.0 billion Swiss francs (CHF). In the past few years the value of the assets managed in Switzerland added up to 5.5 trillion CHF (by the end of 2010). Swiss banks have over 280 affiliates and offices abroad and there are 153 foreign banking institutions operating in Switzerland.In sum, we make sure that our clients get access to the best platform for international financial market investment, which allows us to select the best partners in each specialization and execution area.